We recently discovered a russian artist, Serguey Meytuv, visiting an exhibition in Luxembourg. His works is very uncommon : combining painting and collage, each box is an art installation relates to the special world of the artist. Objects are diverted, stuck on the work. Serguey Meytuv says his art was influenced by his family and his family's childhood home. In this home, each room was a world in itself, filled with objects according to the character of the aunt or grandmother who lived there... books, vials, letters, music boxes, birds...

In his work, Serguey Meytuv recreates the atmosphere of these rooms. Each work tells a story !

117                 The officer's room

l'étude du professeur de zoologie        The entomologist's room


The artist was born in 1955 in Kem, Karelia (a republic of the russian federation, near Finland) and was graduated from Moscow Institute of Architecture. His works are in different private collections around the world (Russia, USA, Germany, France, New Zealand etc.) It is really important for our association to set forth this artist. Thank you very much Aliona and Elena for this enriching exchange.

We hope you like !

»Ó«õ¿½ý ß ú«½«ó«®       self-portrait103               Places

Links : official website of the artist : http://www.meytuv.ru/new_eng.html